PTG Announcements for Week of November 8

Volunteer Project Spotlight

Have you noticed the new garden beds near the entrances to both CMS buildings?  CMS parent volunteers Alisha Boyajian and Sorrel Sammons have created them as a demonstration of how to garden using regenerative practices (and on how to create something beautiful to observe as we come into school each day).

Last month the beds were built and prepared for fall.  Here’s how:

  1. A broadfork was used to make holes in the ground to allow air, water, and nutrients to move down into the soil more easily.
  2. A layer of cardboard was placed to kill back the grass and weeds by depriving them of light.  The cardboard will be completely broken down and digested by soil microbes and arthropods.
  3. A thick layer of compost was put on top of the cardboard to add nutrients and organic matter to the planting area.
  4. Pea and oat seeds were planted to grow a cover crop that will help the soil during the fall and winter.  The seedlings will put living roots down to feed the soil life and crowd out weeds, as well as transfer nitrogen from the air into the soil for future plantings.  The cover crops will then die and dry up in the winter and stay in place to serve as a mulch to protect the soil for the growing season.

When spring comes, the beds will be ready for planting!  A mix of pollinator-friendly, low-maintenance perennial plantings will be used to limit soil disturbance and promote carbon sequestration with very little ongoing maintenance.  Volunteer gardeners will simply part the pea/oat mulch and install some interesting plants.  Most of the plants could be transplanted to the new school building in a few years, where they can continue to serve as an example of how to care for soil and create a whole healthy ecosystem all in itself.  Stay tuned!

The team welcomes new volunteers!  Anyone who would like to help with the spring planting or caring for the plants in any way (watering, pruning, etc.) is encouraged to contact Alisha Boyajian at

November PTG Meeting this Wednesday Evening
Our next PTG meeting is this Wednesday, November 10th at 7:30pm and will be held via Zoom videoconference.  Please note the Wednesday evening timing, a departure from our usual Friday morning meeting time.  Our guest speaker will be Andrew Nyamekye, our district’s Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  The Zoom link will be sent out on Wednesday morning.  Please mark your calendars – all are welcome!

The Maroon and Gold Bowl is Coming!
This beloved annual tradition returns this month.  Encourage your student to start gathering up their wearable items that are maroon and/or gold.  The students and homeBASEs who come in on Maroon and Gold day wearing the most items will win!

No Homework This Weekend
Friday, November 12 through Monday, November 15 is a homework-free weekend at CMS.  (Follow this link for a list of future weekends.)  Per Principal Cameron, there should be absolutely no homework assigned the day before a homework-free weekend. Any homework due the Tuesday after the weekend should be assigned on the Monday after the weekend.

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A big round of applause to Alisha Boyajian and Sorrel Sammons for building and preparing the lovely new garden beds at each CMS building, and to Susan Lynch Richardson for helping with the plans.  We look forward to seeing the garden growing again in the spring!

Upcoming Events

  • November 8 – School picture retake day
  • November 10 – Special education eligibility virtual workshop, 7pm 
  • November 10 – PTG meeting, 7:30pm (note Wednesday evening timing)
  • November 11 – No school, Veterans Day
  • November 12-15 – Homework-free weekend
  • November 13 – School committee coffee (Metco Inc/Roxbury), 12:00 pm
  • November 15 – Online sign-ups for parent/teacher conferences begin, 7pm
  • November 15 – SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) meeting, 7:30pm
  • November 17 – SEPAC parents/guardians – casual coffee and conversation meet up, 9:30am
  • November 30 – Trimester 1 ends
  • December 1 – Trimester 2 begins (new intervention/enrichment classes begin)
  • December 7 – First trimester report card grades posted in ASPEN, 5pm
  • December 9 – No school, parent/teacher conferences (on Zoom)
  • December 15 – Parent/teacher conference overflow (on Zoom)

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